10 Best Apps for iPhone Ringtones in 2022

Bored of your default iPhone ringtone? Try these ringtone apps for a change.

Best Apps for iPhone Ringtones app

Are you bored of picking up your call to the same old ringtone? And now you think it’s high time you do something about it. Well, I am pretty sure you won’t ignore the idea of personalizing your iPhone.

Obviously, who wouldn’t want to customize their iPhone the way they want to. 

Taking about setting a custom ringtone sounds really exciting. But as you might know, the app store nowadays is flooded with ringtone apps.

Meaning, it can be a bit tedious to come across the actual ideal ringtone app. But hey, worry not! I have got your back.

To help you decide on THE BEST ringtone app, I have shortlisted the top 10 iPhone ringtone apps for you. So let us straight walk to the list NOW!

1. RingTune

Best Apps for iPhone Ringtones

RingTune app tops our list due to its sole ability to offer custom ringtones and a huge stock of designer live wallpapers to users.

The app comes fully loaded with features where users can create and edit their ringtones, and browse through a large selection of wallpapers hassle-free.

It’s an extremely flexible app that enables you to completely personalize your iPhone as per your liking. Within the app, you can revisit and edit all the saved ringtones by navigating through the “My Tones” library.

As for the app’s content, it is regularly updated with fresh ones to provide users with trending music tones. 

Download this app and change the way your iPhone looks and sounds!

Main Features

  • Create your own ringtones
  • Browse through a huge wallpaper catalog
  • Cool battery animation for you to enjoy while your device is charging
  • Live Wallpaper Maker – turn your videos into awesome live wallpapers


  • Can sometimes take longer to save a particular file 
  • Limited tunes catalog


The app is free to download and use, however, as the app includes In-app Purchase items, you’ll be charged separately for the purchases you make within the app. 

Download RingTune

2. Ringtones for iPhone!

Best Apps for iPhone Ringtones

With over 2 million happy customers who get access to unlimited free tone choices in the most convenient way, this app is surely the best to rely on for getting enthusiastic ringtones.

The app comes packed with amazing sounds which you can easily convert into your own personalized one.

Here, you even get a chance to be a part of the squad where you’ll get to meet people with similar music tastes.

One unique feature that the app equips is the “recorder feature” which allows you to record voices as ringtones (something hard to find on other ringtone apps).

All in all, the app is a great platform for creating professionally customized ringtones.

Main Features

  • Easily adjust start and end markers
  • Fade in and out option
  • Pitch and volume adjust
  • Trim & cut tones


Can take a bit to load ringtones


Free – Access to the apps’ built-in features with supporting ads. 

Auto-recurring monthly subscription worth $7.99 with the first 3 days free, or a yearly subscription worth $34.99 with 3 days free. This will provide users access to unlimited ringtones, wallpaper, and stickers within the app. 

Download Ringtones for iPhone!

3. Ringtones Maker

Best Apps for iPhone Ringtones

Ringtones Maker is an app that is completely free to install and use, although you might have to face some ads. However, you can get rid of that too with a feasible subscription plan.

All the features that you get to use within the app are available for free.

To use this app, you won’t need to connect to a computer or rely on an external source to get access to the beautiful ringtones that this app has to offer.

Just install the app, search for your favorite song and you’ll be to set your favorite ringtone to your iPhone.

Additionally, the app provides tutorials, which you can utilize to learn more about producing ringtones using external sounds. 

Main Features

  • Choose the video from the album and automatically extract the audio from the video
  • Import the audio via UTI
  • Import the audio directly from other APPs 
  • Real-time update of popular ringtone


Ads on the free version


  • Free to install and use
  • $2.99 to remove ads 

Download Ringtones Maker


Ringtones for iPhone TUUNES

TUUNES will provide you with ringtones, text tones, music — just name your preferred music and you’ll get it here within minutes.

From its extensive catalog of legal Ringtones & Tones curated by professional labels and producers, you’ll be able to set some of the best tunes as your ringtone.

Apart from its existing range of ringtones, there’s also an option where you can customize tunes on your own and set them instantly.

The best part – it offers fast audio previews and contains no ads, meaning you can use the app and listen to your favorite ringtones without any interruptions. 

Main Features

  • FOLLOW live stats and see what’s trending
  • BROWSE beautiful cover artworks for the latest & hottest music ringtones
  • HEAR who is calling/texting and assigning unique tones to contacts
  • SHARE links, laugh & dance with friends from all devices


Ads on the free version


Free – Access to the apps’ powerful built-in features.


  • Premium Subscription 1 Month – ₹ 849
  • Premium Subscription 12 Months – ₹ 1,699

Download TUUNES

5. Best Ringtones: Songs

Best Ringtones Songs

Want to replace your exciting boring ringtone with indeed a unique one? Well, Best Ringtones: Songs is all you need to install on your device.

Here, you get to browse through a huge songs catalog in 25 categories which can be used to customize your phone.

Just select a ringtone of your choice and you’ll all set to keep it as your incoming-call sound, SMS ringtone, or alarm sound.

Downloaded by users over 15 million times, this app will help modify your iPhone in the most melodious way. As for the ringtone libraries, it is frequently updated always to be tuned to your favorite music. 

Main Features

  • All-new ringtones catalog with the freshest ringtones
  • A vast catalog of popular songs
  • Special holiday content renewals
  • Regular content updates


Can lag at moments


Free – Access to the apps’ powerful built-in features with supporting ads. 


  • Remove Ads Weekly – $2.99
  • Remove Ads Monthly – $8.99
  • Remove Ads Yearly – $29.99

Download Best Ringtones: Songs

6. Infinity


You may already have got a hint about this app from its name itself – it offers tons of categories, including Electronic, Rock, Pop, Country, Indie, R&B, and more that you can use to keep your ringtone.

The apps’ premium audio library not only offers cool and trendy ringtones but also sounds that you set for your default message, SMS, mail, calendar, and alarm. 

Here, you can find all kinds of trending songs, and as for whether the songs are licensed or not, the app’s whole catalog of songs comes fully licensed by their respective artists.

The app also allows you to make your customized ringtones, all you need to do is choose a required segment from the audio track and save it into your device’s gallery, and you’ll be all set to access your favorite ringtones anytime, anywhere. 

Main Features

  • Create your own ringtones with our premium Ringtones Maker
  • Browse through lots of Premium Categories
  • Rock, Pop, Indie, R&B, Electronic, Country & More
  • Premium songs, all fully licensed with artists


Premium seems to be quite overpriced 


Free – Access to the apps’ powerful built-in features with supporting ads. 

Subscription to get access to new ringtones every single week on your device and the apps’ ever-growing premium ringtones library for the duration of your selected subscription plan.

Download Infinity

7. Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker

Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker

Incorporated with a rich collection of ringtones, Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker is also an app that will let you give a personal touch to your ringtones in the most convenient way.

Its massive library of ringtones is updated regularly, and here you’ll find ringtones of different categories, including all the major genres.

There are also themes available that you can explore within the app, such as comedy, spooky, nature sounds, animals, and more.

In the trending tones section, you can check out some of the latest sounds. And if you come across anything you like, you can immediately save it as your ringtone. 

Main Features

  • Import your music to create original ringtones
  • Record any sounds you like and transform them into a ringtone
  • Add fantastic sound effects to any of your sounds
  • No iTunes synchronization needed


The free version offers limited features


Free – Access to the apps’ powerful built-in features with supporting ads

Subscription available to get unlimited access to the apps’ Premium ringtones and features:

  • Premium Pass – $7.99
  • Weekly Premium Pass – $8.99
  • Premium Pass – $59.99

Download Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker

8. Ringtones: for iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone 1

Ringtones: for iPhone will give you access to a vast collection of free ringtones, which you can edit hassle-free.

Within this app, you can create, edit, cut ringtones, and keep your preferred part on your phone’s local files.

And that’s not it – you can even convert video sounds to unique ringtones, and as for the music and sounds available, they all come licensed from a reliable source.

Recording your sounds and then saving the completed tones to your library can be done in a few taps. All in all, it’s a decent app that comes equipped with some of the most incredible sounds.

Main Features

  • Create and set ringtone with your iPhone
  • Make ringtones from iPhone local files and library
  • Convert video sounds to unique ringtones
  • Choose any ringtones music/mp3/song


Ads can be annoying and interruptive


Free – Access to the apps’ powerful built-in features with supporting ads. 


  • Ringtones Premium – $4.99
  • Ringtones Annually – $34.99
  • Ringtones Weekly – $4.99

Download Ringtones: for iPhone

9. Top Funny Ringtones

Top Funny Ringtones

Searching for funny ringtones, look no further than Top Funny Ringtones.

It features the most downloaded funny ringtones, which you can easily download, such as ringtones, alert tones, and notifications.

As the app is updated frequently, you’ll always have something new to experiment with your ringtones.

The best thing about this app is it does what it is meant to and does not contain in-app purchases,  so all the ringtones offered within the app are completely free to download.

Main Features

  • Text tone (default and for each contact)
  • New voice mail alert
  • New mail alert
  • Calendar alert


Involves tedious steps to download ringtones


Free to download and use

Download Top Funny Ringtones

10. Cool Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

Cool Ringtones: Ringtone Maker

Tired of using those same old iPhone ringtones, then this app has something exceptional to offer.

Just as the name says, cool ringtones come equipped with a plethora of ringtones that you’ll love to have on your iPhone.

Be it ringtones, text tones, voicemail alerts, or email sounds, you’ll find everything you want within this app.

Apart from choosing from the apps’ pre-existing ringtones, you can also create unlimited ringtones from your favorite songs and personalize your iPhone as per your liking. 

Main Features

  • Create Unlimited Ringtones
  • Rich Ringtone Collection for endless customization
  • Create ringtones from your favorite songs
  • Personalized tune collections


Ads on the free version


The app is free to download and use, however, as the app includes In-app Purchase items, you’ll be charged for the purchases you make within the app.

Download Cool Ringtones


How can I get free ringtones for my iPhone?

All of the apps mentioned above will give you access to a range of free ringtones that you can easily use on your iPhone. 

How do I install ringtones on my iPhone?

Choose your preferred app from the ones listed above in this article, and you’ll be all set to install ringtones on your iPhone.

Which App Provides Unlimited Free Ringtones?

Ringtones for iPhone! will provide you access to an extensive library of free ringtones. The app has around 2 million users worldwide and is also among the best ringtone app. 


This was all for the best ringtone apps for iPhone. These apps will surely let you discover some of your favorite ringtones that you’ll love to keep on your iPhone.

Now that you have the list of the 10 best ringtone apps, it would hardly take any time for you to decide on your preferred app.

So choose an app that fulfills all your requirements, save your fave ringtone, and set it up as your default ringtone, alarm sound, or SMS sound.

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