7 Best Browsers for M1 Macs

Microsoft Edge

Safari is synonymous with a web browser for Mac users, and it is an excellent tool for surfing the internet. Being a default browser on all Apple devices, it is one tie of the deeper ecosystem that Apple has built over the years.

Many prefer Safari for obvious reasons, but it isn’t the only one to get information on the world-wide-web.

Browsers need to be secure and fast, along with some add-ons. MacBook users don’t need to worry about the lack of speed as Apple’s optimization is superb.

The M1 chipset hasn’t optimized all the apps, but as you read this, Apple is extending support to more and more apps, but certain apps are yet to receive this support.

So, I did a quick Google trawl about the 7 best browsers for M1 Macs. They are speedy, safe, and customizable. So, if you are looking for a browser that does everything you want, I have got you covered.

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

As I have mentioned before, Safari isn’t the only option for your M1 MacBook. Since Safari is a default web browser, many don’t look the other way. But now, M1 has optimized many browsers for the MacBooks, so the following are the 7 best browsers for M1 Mac with which you can do many more things.

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1. Safari

Safari is proof that Apple has made strides in optimizing web surfing for Mac users. It’s the most reliable browser to glean information on macOS.

The browser, which follows a locked-down system, is reliable and stable. In addition, its built-in ad-targeting prevention for privacy and cross-site tracking makes it the best browser for M1 Mac.

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

If you are deep into the firm’s ecosystem – iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook – you’ll enjoy Safari and get the most out of it. It’s partly because of the marvelous integration.

For instance, iCloud lets you use Safari’s password-management services if you want to download non-Apple apps. So take my word for it and use Safari, a blend of superior performance and capabilities that are growing day by day.

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2. Google Chrome

Any list of browsers is incomplete without mentioning Google Chrome, not for its sake, but for the sake of pro users who need most from their browsers.

Be it a wide range of extensions or a minimal interface; Chrome shines in every department. If you are someone whose work depends on tools attached to the browser, Chrome has nearly 190,000 of them. And if you are wondering, I am not exaggerating!

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

You can translate webpages, surf secure web pages, and be a multi-tasker with multiple windows and long chains of tabs that are manageable in intuitive ways.

Chrome’s robust settings let you turn on/off anything you wish to use or let go of. The one area where Google Chrome lacks is speed. Safari still wins that race.

Chrome is greedy for RAM and bugs that slow down its performance, often solved by updates. Overall, it’s a great browser for anything you throw at it.

Download Chrome

3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the fox of browsers – widespread, speedy, and unique. The mainstream browser has an open-source origin, which makes it open for customization.

Many would have some security concerns, but its privacy restrictions keep your data private. Moreover, Mozilla’s recent fixes, updates, and optimization make it an easy recommendation.

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

Firefox’s spotlight feature is the personalization options it provides. It’s too good. For privacy, the Enhanced Tracking Protection element lets you review or block whatever you want.

When it comes to add-ons, Firefox supports analysis, content checking, and more. I have used Pocket app integration, making it easier for me to read articles whenever I see fit. On the whole, Firefox is a do-it-all browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox

4. Opera

If I have to describe Opera using a metaphor, it is a prodigal son to Google Chrome, but a faster version that is less buggy. Opera is another Chromium-based browser, albeit a privacy-oriented and lean variant.

I would, with no inhibitions, recommend Opera to users who have a PC with low RAM as, unlike Chrome, it isn’t RAM-hungry. You won’t see abrupt crashes or frequent bugs, which is news to people using Chrome for years.

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

As for features, the browser has enough features to appease modern-day internet users. Features such as a free, built-in VPN that users can enable with a tap, built-in ad blocking, and native chat messengers available 24×7.

I particularly like the browser-specific keyboard shortcuts, so if you are someone who has to type their email constantly, you can set a shortcut word, and boom, you’ve entered your full email address without typing it fully.

Opera isn’t shy of customization, the latest being dark mode. If you can’t set your mind on any browser, try this and thank me later.

Download Opera

5. Microsoft Edge

How dare I suggest Microsoft Edge to M1 Mac owners? Because this is my window of opportunity – and puns.

The American technology company has been revamping Edge with a sound success, making it slightly more well known than even Firefox, which has a number three spot on this list.

And no, we aren’t being paid to say this (I wish we were).

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

Edge goes for a Chrome-like clean look, but with a better and intuitive interface. Now that it has officially adapted to Chromium expect all the Google Chrome Store extensions to work on Edge.

Speaking about its features, the categorization to save web pages in a collection of references stands out. There was a time when I thought Microsoft’s Internet Explorer replacement was on the edge of extinction (another pun), but I was clearly wrong.

Download Microsoft Edge

6. Brave

In the world of constant exposure, many users want to avoid unwanted tracking and protect their online presence. This is where Brave browser comes in, as it is literally brave when it comes to privacy.

Yes, it is another privacy-focused browser, but it actually does something about it. I’ll have you convince you of three points – a list of what is blocked, a built-in password manager, and in-depth privacy management that scrutinizes cookies, scripts, and advertisements.

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

Another privacy feature that strikes me is that Brave is adept at detecting malware and phishing attempts, a customizable feature for every site you want.

As for just browsing, it is fast and efficient, so if you are a budding writer typing away words on your half-charged M1 MacBook in a cafe on its public Wi-Fi, you’d be clever to use Brave.

Download Brave

7. Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was an Italian composer and violinist known for his Baroque instrumental music. Vivaldi, the browser, has nothing to do with the composer. But, the browser is worthy enough to leave its own decisive mark.

It is a cross-platform browser noted for its various extraordinary features that make for the perfect online experience. So, what is so unique about Vivaldi? Well, its interface is highly customizable than the browsers on this list.

Best Browsers for M1 Macs

You can stack a string of tabs for ease of use, use the thumbnail perspectives for specific web pages, and divide tabs into multiple parts for menus or even apps.

Moreover, it is also adept at blocking all kinds of tracking. Chrome extensions, the holy grail of power users, are compatible with the browser. If your current browser is mean when it comes to micromanagement, you should immediately shift to Vivaldi. You’ll be elated by the experience.

Download Vivaldi


What is the best browser for M1 Mac?

Safari and Google Chrome are the best browsers for M1 Mac.

Which browser is the fastest for M1 Mac?

Safari, Opera, Brave Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., are some of the fastest browsers for M1 Macs.

Is Chrome good for Mac M1?

Google’s Chrome performance between an Intel MacBook and an M1 MacBook is definitely obvious. So be it any browser; Apple deploys its own Webkit rendering engine.

Does Firefox work well on Mac?

Yes. Firefox gives exceptional service securing the way you roam around on the Internet. If your MacBook has low RAM, Firefox might be the best browser. Its privacy makes it one of the best browsers for Mac.

Is Google Chrome or Safari better for Mac?

Mac users can choose between Safari and Google Chrome. If you want to stay in the ecosystem, then Safari is the best choice for you. However, as for power features and flexibility, Chrome should be your browser of choice.


This is where I end our list of the 7 best browsers for M1 Macs. Of course, you can try over 1 browser before you settle for one. All the browsers provide rudimentary features and some basic add-ons that differentiate them.

Unfortunately, there are only 7 browsers that are optimized for M1 Macs. But all of them are the best for whatever work you have for them.

What did you think about our list? Also, if you have any other recommendations for M1 MacBooks, you can tell our fellow readers and us in the comments below.

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