10 Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Ibenzer Neon Party Case

Apple’s M1 is the talk of the town, thanks to its blazing-fast performance and improvements to the battery life. But, unfortunately, there is not a lot of difference between the Intel MacBook and M1 MacBook in terms of pricing, so it’s going to cost you a lot. For example, if you want to upgrade from 8GB RAM to 16GB, you’ll have to pay $200 and so on.

There is some debate as to which is better – sleeves or cases. While this article mentions ‘cases,’ sleeves have their advantages. You can buy both if you are overprotective about your devices. Choose a case/sleeve that adds your flair to your M1 MacBook.

No matter where you stand regarding the debate mentioned above, you have to agree that a case is a pretty good investment. Even though some countries are in a sporadic lockdown, many of you might be active in terms of traveling.

So, it generally depends where you are taking your M1 MacBook Air, be it toting it to a coffee shop for creative writing sessions or in the corner of your home. Wherever you want to take it, here are the best Macbook Air M1 cases to protect your Mac.

10 Best Macbook Air M1 Cases to protect your Mac

The following cases range from $2.95-$89.95. I know the latter sounds a lot, but you can skip to the next if you don’t like any. Again, you should look for cases that are durable with outstanding quality and longevity.

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1. AmazonBasics Sleeve – $10

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

AmazonBasics provides the best and cheap options for our everyday needs. Its M1 MacBook sleeve is a simple, soft option that also adds a layer of protection. The sleeve isn’t fancy, as many of you might expect, but it is strong enough to protect your MacBook from gentle drops, ‘gentle’ being the operative word. You can choose from Blue, Navy, Purple, Black, and Gray colors. Have a look by clicking the link below.

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2. MOSISO Polyester Vertical Style Sleeve – $14.99

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Another sleeve on this list, the Mosiso Polyester Vertical Style, is a water-repellent option that will keep your M1 MacBook Air safe for a long time. The case avoids dust with its central area, which can be zipped to protect your laptop. There’s another pocket area that can house your various documents. Made from polyester, the Mosiso case has a fleece fabric lining along with shock and bump absorption.

Buy on Walmart.com

3. Tech21 case – $89.95

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Tech21 is a firm known for its toughness, evident from its phone cases. Its MacBook Air case offers solid polycarbonate plates on the top and bottom along with a clean look. There’s a flexible bumper if you need it, along with non-slip feet. The best feature about this sleeve is that it resists UV yellowing.

Buy on Apple.com

4. Incase Hardshell Case with Retina Display – $49.95

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Incase is a well-known case maker which allows users to personalize their belongings. Their form-fitting M1 MacBook Air case is lightweight and attractive. If the ‘lightweight’ word triggers worries about ports, then the case’s protection doesn’t sacrifice their access. The case is durable, and its rubberized feet will keep your laptop where you intend it to be. I’m in awe of its stylized textured dot design.

Buy on Incase.com

5. Ibenzer Neon Party Case – $34.99

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Ibenzer Neon Party case provides lightweight protection with its slim two-piece design. You can simply snap on the case and remove it when you want to clean your M1 MacBook Air. Its precise cuts give full access to all the laptop’s buttons. Like some other cases on this list, this too comes with non-slip rubber feet. In addition, Ibenzer lets you customize the case with logos and the color of your choice.

Buy on Ibenzer.com

6. Dbrand MacBook Air skins – $2.95 – $24.95

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Dbrand isn’t a case, nor it’s a sleeve – it is a skin that adds zero bulk to your MacBook Air. The drop protection is also zero, but you can’t expect every feature for every case. There are 21 different patterns that users can customize, including individual items such as the trackpad, the top part, the bottom part, or even the palmrest.

You can mix up any patterns of your choice, which will make your MacBook Air stand out from the bland silver color. The cost ranges from $2.95 to $24.95, and if you buy all four pieces, your bill will be approximately $62, which is worth the penny.

Buy on Dbrand.com

7. Dux – $59.95

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Not to be confused with Lux (Indian-Americans, looking at you), Dux is known for its translucent design and premium materials that are better at protecting your MacBook Air. The reason for using transparent materials is for the users to customize their MacBooks. Don’t let the stylish design fool you; Dux will provide the best protection for your MacBook Air.

Buy on Stmgoods.com

8. Kuzy Non-Slip Fully Vented Plastic Hard Shell – $24.99

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Kuzy case is made from hard plastic with a soft finish for silky smooth touch. The hardshell case is fully vented, which makes heat disbursement safe. The exterior texture is grippy and soft to touch, which can protect your M1 MacBook Air from scratches. In addition, the case provides access to all the USB-C ports, which is one less reason to worry. Kuzy hardshell case comes in 7 different colors.

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9. Tomtoc 360° Protective Sleeve – $23.99

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Tomtoc is an excellent sleeve-making company, who knows what the consumers need. Its 360° Protective Sleeve makes for cushiony padding at the bottom and smooth corners, making it significantly travel-friendly. The material – made with Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate – is flexible and durable, which matters the most when choosing a sleeve. In addition, the firm guarantees that the premium material won’t turn yellow, so if you are worried about that, there’s that.

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10. ProCase Protective Cover with foldable Kickstand – $29

Best Macbook Air M1 Cases To Protect Your Mac

Last but not least, the ProCase Protective Cover makes the saying “two birds with one stone” come true – keeping your MacBook Air safe and offering a foldable kickstand for the times when you need a raised angle. It’s a pro at protecting your laptop from scratches and severe drops. Its folding legs make way for a ventilated bottom panel so that you can edit those 4K videos without an ounce of worry. A myriad of colors and the hybrid design make this case a top accessory for your M1 MacBook Air.

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What is the best protective case for the M1 MacBook Air?

All the cases mentioned above are best for your M1 MacBook Air. You can either go for a sleeve or a snap-on case.

Should I buy a case for MacBook Air?

If you are a clumsy person, you should consider buying a sleeve or a snap-on case, which will provide extra protection. The case will also keep your MacBook safe if you happen to fall or keep it in places it might get dents.

Is a hard case or rubber case better for MacBook Air?

The rubber case keeps the M1 MacBook Air clean. But I advise you to opt for a hard case as the protection given by these are twice as compared to rubberized cases.

Should I get a screen protector for my MacBook Pro 2020?

Since MacBooks still don’t support touchscreen functionality, a screen protector is futile. But, if you plan on keeping it for a long time, a screen protector will keep scratches from debris and slight dents at bay. If you keep your devices, including MacBook, like a baby, you won’t need a screen protector.

Our keyboard covers bad for MacBook?

Not fully. If you keep it on when you close the lid, it could affect a MacBook with a Retina display. Also, if the keyboard cover has some debris on it, it might damage your MacBook’s display.


These are the best MacBook Air M1 cases for better protection. If you haven’t bought the M1 MacBook Air, purchasing a few essential now could benefit you. Be it hardshell cases or sleeves, pick one that suits your daily needs, and your MacBook will last longer.

Cases would protect the machine from accidental falls, which could cost you a bomb if you had to repair the laptop that fell on the floor. I have mentioned a spectrum of cases and sleeves so that you are spoilt for choice. You can, of course, return the case if you don’t like it, depending on the shop’s return policy.

What do you think of the covers on this list? Are you going to choose one? Have you ever used a case/sleeve for your laptops? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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