7 Best Video Editing Apps for M1 iPad Pro

Best Video Editing Apps for M1 iPad Pro

Video editing has been my hobby for half a decade now, and I still relish it every now and then. However, I recently purchased the M1 iPad Pro 11 inches, and I’m mind blown! It’s snappy, fast, and makes me wonder why I didn’t shift to Apple sooner.

The 2021 iPads are the talk of the town, thanks to Apple’s M1 chip inside it. Yes, the same chipset which powers the iMac and the 2020 MacBooks. So I thought it would be good to throw everything at my iPad -from reading books to editing, videos-it didn’t budge so far.

However, I observed that the M1’s potential will waste since the iPad is still not a MacBook replacement. So here me out – the lack of professional software such as Final Cut Pro, DaVinci, or even a desktop WhatsApp proves that software is still the 2021 iPad’s core limitation.

I have my finger crossed, hoping that Apple will finally launch at least a mobile version of the FCP or such tools. But, till then, I have compiled a list of the best video editing apps for the M1 iPad Pro.

Best Video Editing Apps for M1 iPad Pro

You can try to break (figuratively) the M1 iPad Pro, but you won’t succeed. It is a beast at executing demanding tasks such as video editing. Following are some tools that will help you achieve a professional-looking final draft of the video you want to edit.

1. iMovie (free)

iMovie free

iMovie is a great video editing tool for creating birthday montages or curating a few images/videos. Of course, it can’t compete with the other apps on this list, but sometimes getting things done without much complexity makes work (and life) easier. For my Mom’s birthday, I threw together some of her pictures depicting her journey, and I must say, I loved the experience.

You just have to import some media, and the app will add transition on its own. Make sure that you add some embellishments, such as title, music, effects, etc. iMovie’s ease-of-use reminded me of the good old Windows Movie Maker, which was my first-ever video editing experience. So, casual movie-makers, try it out for quickly clubbing together with a few videos/images.

Download iMovie

2. LumaFusion ($29.99/₹2699)


Most of you won’t be content with the free and built-in iMovie. But, once you try LumaFusion, you won’t look anywhere else. This is the ultimate video editing tool for iPhones and iPads. In addition, it features a multi-track editor, so for those who want to edit more than one video, you can take advantage of it.

Fast and slow-motion sequencing, frames rates, aspect ratios, 4K export, using external displays, and an easy user interface makes LumaFusion the best paid tool for video editing on an M1 iPad Pro. The tool lets you stack up to 12 video and audio tracks along with transitions and titles that’ll give a great final touch to your video.

LumaFusion will give you the full-fledged video editing experience on your iPad. So, I say you make the one-time purchase and make it your default video-editing software. Then, you’ll forget the need to turn to a PC or a MacBook.

Download LumaFusion

3. Adobe Premiere Rush ($9.99/₹819, monthly)

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe is bound to be on this list. Coming close to Premiere Pro, its Rush is a mobile version of the desktop software that is intuitive to use. First-time video editors will feel the natural flow of editing without watching any tutorials. I think this is the perfect amalgamation of Premiere Clips and Premiere Pro, which means Rush sits in between, and that’s a good thing. The app feels polished, especially with the drag-and-drop interface. Imagine moving clips left and right on a touch display!

As for the audio effects, graphics, transitions, titles, and the lot, Rush expects you to pay a monthly subscription, $9.99/₹819, depending on where you stay. If you are serious about your work, then go for LumaFusion, but if you want to visit the Adobe ecosystem, then give it a try.

Download Adobe Premiere Rush

4. Filmmaker Pro (free, $5.99/₹299 monthly)

Filmmaker Pro

Tinkerworks Apps’ Filmmaker Pro is a fun video editing tool that is essentially free, but it has a subscription system in place if you want to use it more often. The latter group could be impressed with the app’s chroma key support, which is a rarity on this list. You’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of filters and transitions, which is a treat for any creator. However, the spotlight feature of Filmmaker Pro is the picture-in-picture effects, along with the grading you can do on the videos.

The app is perfect for both kinds – those who want basic features and veteran video editors. The cherry on the cake is the optimized interface that takes advantage of a touchscreen device.

Download Filmmaker Pro

5. PowerDirector (free, $4.99/₹419 monthly)


PowerDirector is a well-known video editor. Its clean interface and advanced set of tools make it an easy recommendation for quick projects or time-consuming assignments. This sophisticated editing tool gives you access to overlays, titles, and transitions, which you can use for exceptional intros and outros.

Support for audio-editing, chrome key, etc., take this app (and your videos) to the next level. PowerDirector is a free app, but you’ll eventually have to pay a monthly fee to access additional features.

Download PowerDirector

6. VideoGrade ($5.99/₹549)


Get a taste of Hollywood-style editing with the VideoGrade application. This is essentially a color-grading tool that is straightforward to use. The magic begins the moment you launch the device – you’ll see all your videos. Then, simply select a video you’d like to color grade.

The tools are located on the right-hand side. While creating your magic, you’ll see a green dot next to its name that is in place to assist you in keeping track of complex adjustments. Quite handy! The app is so powerful that you need only open the menu, drag a slider, and voila; you’ll see the changes immediately.

Download VideoGrade

7. Quik (free, $1.99/₹99 annually)


Developed by GoPro, Quik is a fantastic video editor that quickly gets your edit done. You can even share the edited video without wasting any time. Quik is an iMovie on steroids, which means that you can get your footage edited without actually having to do much work.

The tool is pretty basic compared to other apps on this list, but rudimentary doesn’t necessarily mean incapable. You can add some flair to your footage, and it will come out looking professional. You can create a myriad of effects by speeding and slowing your videos. Quik will provide quick solutions to those who don’t need to see a complex timeline.

Download Quik


Is iPad Pro M1 good for video editing?

Yes, the M1 iPad Pros are currently the best Apple tablets for editing videos. Performance-wise, it does come close to a MacBook, but software-wise, it has a long way to entirely replacing MacBooks for demanding tasks.

Is video editing easy on iPad Pro?

Yes, but it mostly depends on the software you’ll be using and your skills. I suggest paying for LumaFusion that makes video editing breezy, and you’ll churn out professional-level videos.

Can you edit 4K videos on the M1 iPad Pro?

Yes, you can edit 4K videos on the M1 iPad Pro. The addition of the thunderbolt port on the 2021 iPads makes them an excellent tool for such CPU-heavy tasks.

Which iPad is best for video editing?

If you can afford it, the 12.9 M1 iPad Pro should be your first choice. You can opt for a 2TB storage that is coupled with a whopping 16GB RAM. Of course, if you have that much amount, I’d suggest you go for a desktop setup. If you are an on-the-go video editor, then, by all means, buy the 12.9 M1 iPad Pro or the 11 M1 iPad Pro as the latter is quite travel-friendly.

Is Final Cut Pro available for iPad?

Unfortunately, Final Cut Pro is still not compatible with any iPad models. LumaFusion comes closest to FCP.


Here are some of the best video editing apps for the M1 iPad Pro, which can be considered alternatives for FCP. Like I mentioned in the introduction, the iPad Pro M1 is a super powerful block of aluminum. MacBook will still be your best bet for editing videos or executing other heavy tasks without proper software.

What do you think about the M1 chip in the 2021 iPad Pros? Do you agree with our list of editing tools? Drop a comment below.

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