7 Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad Free

Practice & Improve your Calligraphy skills with these apps.

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Calligraphy is the art of producing decorative lettering handwriting with a compatible brush or pen.

Many artists show their talent on a canvas, but the evolving technology gives a similar experience.

I’m subtly referring to the iPad here as they are devises to reckon with.

Technology is here for your rescue if you want to try calligraphy without spending a penny on things like brushes and canvas.

I have gotten hold of 7 such best calligraphy apps for iPad that are free and worthy of a hobby.

Even if you aren’t an artsy person, these apps will come in handy to settle with your artistic fantasies.

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Calligraphy is an art that not many masters, but practicing will give you a sense of purpose to improve it. The apps listed below are fun and worthy of your time.

1. Paper by WeTransfer

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Paper by WeTransfer is not the first choice of artists, but if you want to do fundamental practicing, this is an ideal app.

Amateurs will appreciate the learning curve, and as you practice calligraphy time and again, you’ll know how smooth the app feels.

As for the main features, it consists of five options, a pen, pencil, brush, and two others to take on calligraphy. The app lets you change the color of your art, which can be saved and shared with others.

Keep in mind that this is an essential app, so there aren’t many features.

Paper is a simple, straightforward, and user-friendly app that will help you appreciate calligraphy.

Main features

  • Free app with in-built purchase options
  • Pressure-sensitive brushes are solid
  • User interface is simple and easy to learn


  • Limited type of brushes
  • No option to change the settings and the size of brushes

Pricing: $1.99-$11.99

App Store rating: 4.6

Download Paper by WeTransfer

2. Tayasui Sketches

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Tayasui Sketches is an app for sketching, drawing, and much more, which can also be used for calligraphy.

There are various types of pens and brushes, making this app an easy recommendation to try calligraphy. The user interface feels smooth and simple.

You get professional features like layering, ruler, smudge tool, exporting artwork as PNG, PSD, etc.

The free version is impressive but if you are serious about calligraphy, consider the Pro version, which has Apple Pencil support, Olivia’s Coloring Book, etc.

Main features

  • Its Color Palettes are striking
  • The Pro bundle is fabulous
  • Color Mix easily blends between two colors


  • App is prone to frequent crashes
  • It is known to reduce battery consumption

Pricing: $1.99-$5.99

App Store rating: 4.5

Download Tayasui Sketches

3. Adobe Illustrator

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Adobe Illustrator doesn’t need an introduction. Not including this app on this list would be an insult.

This well-known app is known for creating professional artwork, but if you want to dabble in calligraphy, go ahead without hesitation.

The intuitive user interface makes this app an easy suggestion for people in the graphic realm. The pressure-sensitive lettering brush is this app’s spotlight feature.

If you are subscribed to Creative Cloud, only consider this app as it is an expensive solo app.

Main features

  • Smoothing Functioning
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Pressure-Sensitive lettering brush


  • Expensive Monthly Subscription
  • Free only if you already have a creative cloud subscription
  • You can’t create your brush

Pricing: $9.99-$149.99

App Store rating: 4.6

Download Adobe Illustrator

4. Calligraphy Penmanship

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Calligraphy Penmanship is a fantastic app dedicated to calligraphers which will help them improve every aspect of the art.

This app is for the letters lovers to create digital artworks on an iPad.

You just need a little hand pressure to create beautiful and elegant shades.

The app’s layout is commendable, as even with extensive features, it doesn’t feel complex.

Calligraphy Penmanship has helped calligraphers and letter lovers to create digital artworks on a famous mobile device. A tiny variation of your hand pressure will create elegant and majestic shades.

The app, however, lacks in being user-friendly.

Main features

  • Excellent layout
  • Both the free and the paid versions provide a superb experience


  • Not exactly user friendly
  • Slightly delayed writing
  • Fewer styles and brushes

Pricing: $1.99-$11.99

App Store rating: 4.4

Download Calligraphy Penmanship

5. MediBang Paint for iPad

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

MediBang Paint for iPad is a must-have app in an artist’s tech arsenal.

The app is known for its brush engines, and even though many people prefer to Procreate, MediBang clearly comes ahead of it.

Many users love that the app makes cleaner and sharper lines, which is a bit overwhelming process on other apps.

MediBang is a clear choice for its tools and simplicity if you are into drawing and calligraphy.

The app is, and users love it for its sheer usability.

Main features

  • 1000+ tones and brushes
  • Pressure-sensitive smooth brushes
  • Adjustable brush settings


  • Not many customization options

Pricing: $2.99-$9.99

App Store rating: 4.6

Download MediBang Paint for iPad

6. Calligraphy Handbook

Best Calligraphy Apps for iPad free

Calligraphy Handbook is an excellent tool for learning and improving your calligraphy skills.

The app is targeted toward beginners, as it offers the best digital pens and papers for your learning. The app features 6 small parallel lines, 4 size lines, a light effect pen, shaded line, rainbow effect, mixed colors in one stroke, alternated colors in one letter, etc.

As for its writing features, there are over 18 calligraphic hands in a wide choice of styles, guiding lines for excellent work, shadowed letters for tracing, an option for old papers, 63 premixed colors, and 24 preset pen angles, palm rejection, Pen offset and many more.

The app also lets you export your writing to the camera roll or email.

Main features

  • Perfect user interface
  • Different brush and angle settings
  • Beginners-friendly


  • Less color availability

Pricing: $0.99-$3.99

App Store rating: 4.4

Download Calligraphy Handbook

7. Calligraphy HD

Calligraphy HD

If you want to create stunning calligraphy, Calligraphy HD is your app.

It lets you create and develop a personal lettering style to stay true to your art.

You get tonnes of choices when it comes to brushes and nibs. You can also select your favorite tool and instantly vary the thickness of the nib, pen angle, and stroke texture.

The app also offers various backgrounds that will surely enhance your artwork.

With Calligraphy HD, you will never miss your stroke!

Main features

  • Excellent for beginners
  • Fabulous brushing


  • Less color availability
  • Not pressure-sensitive

Pricing: $2.99

App Store rating: 1.7

Download Calligraphy HD


Can I do calligraphy on my iPad?

Yes, you can do calligraphy on an iPad, but you will need the Apple Pencil for precise strokes.

What is the best app for calligraphy?

Paper by WeTransfer is the best app for calligraphy. Although it is a paid app, it’s worthy of every penny.

How can I improve calligraphy on my iPad?

You can improve your calligraphy by following the steps given below:

  • Adjust the sensitivity of the brush
  • Maintain the position of your hand
  • Look for a pen-style that suits your preferred doodling
  • Explore the line thickness
  • Learn to work with grid lines
  • Try changing the angle of your iPad
  • Zoom in whenever possible


These are the best calligraphy apps for iPad, which are entirely free.

They are designed to enhance your artistic experience on a portable device, which in this case, is an iPad.

Moreover, you don’t waste paper and ink with these apps, as digital tools are endlessly renewable.

There are plenty of features to pick from, so choose the one that suits your needs.

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