Can iPad batteries be Replaced?

Here is how to replace iPad's battery

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iPads are some of the greatest mobile devices.

A lot can be done on the devices. One of the best features of iPads is their battery life. The M1 iPad lasts quite longer than the other versions, but many devices have issues with their battery life.

A few years down the line, the battery starts to hold less power, and thus, it needs to be recharged more often. If you don’t know, replacing any part of any Apple device isn’t a cakewalk due to its repair policies.

Apple’s new policy might come in handy, but that isn’t happening till 2022. So, I have done some research and I can help you to know whether or not iPad batteries be replaced.

Can iPad batteries be Replaced?

Replacing a battery depends on various factors, and one of them is a warranty. But I’ll into all of them.

1. Replacing iPad battery under warranty or AppleCare+

Your iPad’s battery can be easily replaced if it is under its original warranty or if you have purchased Apple Care plus.

Keep in mind that Apple’s iPad is deemed unrepairable, so if you have a battery or any other issue, the entire iPad will be replaced for free if it is under warranty.

Two to know whether or not your iPad is still in warranty, go to this website. Second, you have to enter your iPad’s serial number.

You can check if your iPad is still under warranty here. The warranty-checking is technically for the iPhone, but it also works for the iPad.

It is either located on the bottom of the product, or you can go to Settings>General>About.

If you are indeed getting a replacement, make sure that you take a full backup of your iPad before you visit the service center.

2. Replacing iPad battery

If your iPad is out of warranty, Apple will charge you anywhere between $80-$107(₹6000-₹8000).

If you want to begin a repair, you have to start a service request on the Apple site or you can visit an Apple Service Center.

Even if you are being charged the aforementioned amount, it is a good price to get your iPad working again.

But you have to weigh the possibilities here if the cost of repair is equal to the cost of getting a new iPad. Then you shouldn’t repair your current one and instead get a new one.

3. Visit only Authorized Apple Service Center

Can iPad batteries be Replaced

Many repairers can repair your iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads, but I would advise you. To visit only authorized Apple Service Center as these are less secure and do not give the same warranty as Apple does. Also, some shops have inexperienced repairmen, and if you get your iPad fixed by them, Apple won’t consider your case.

4. DIY Replacing iPad Battery

Yes, you can replace an old iPad battery yourself if you have the right tools and skills. If you believe that you are tech-savvy and are willing to risk destroying your iPad – like JerryRigEverything – you can replace the battery. But it will cost you to buy the tools and parts needed to replace the battery.

But here’s the major issue. If you repair your iPad by yourself in the warranty, it voids the warranty. And if you ruin your iPad, Apple will not fix the device.


Is it worth replacing the iPad battery?

You should consider changing your iPad’s battery if it is over two years old and you have never replaced it. Keep in mind that. Batteries of such devices are consumables and need to be replaced.

How many years does an iPad battery last?

According to Apple, how’s that? An iPad’s battery can last for over two years and it may need replacement after that.

Apple claims that the battery life for most iPads averages 10 hours of usage, and can sometimes even surpass it. But for someone like me, those 10 hours are precious electronic charges to be savored.

What are the signs your iPad is dying?

Following are the signs your iPad is dying:

  • iPadOS compatibility issues
  • Apps crash
  • No more storage
  • New accessories are incompatible
  • Unresponsive hardware buttons
  • Dead pixels

Why is my iPad not holding a charge?

It may be because the iPad’s battery is nearing the end of its life and you should consider a replacement. You can reset your iPad or take it to a service center.


now let you know iPad batteries can be replaced. You can take steps from now to ensure that the new batteries that you will install in the future will last longer.

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