Davinci Resolve VS Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve VS Final Cut Pro

Video editing is the need of the hour. With the rapid boom of the content creation industry, creators are constantly looking for editors who can make their videos attractive and edit them in a unique style. In order to do this, there is a need for professional editing software like DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro.

While both the above software is known throughout the video editing industry for their advanced features and core video editing, which one would you choose among the two? The DaVinci Resolve vs Final Cut Pro is an enormously debated topic among editing enthusiasts and that makes it worth evaluating. 

FCP, being developed by the reliable brand Apple, is considered trustworthy, whereas Davinci Resolve being an open-source software raises skepticism regarding its safety. However, the question still remains: Is Davinci Resolve safe? According to CutCopyEdit, both software options are completely safe to use.

In this blog, we will do detailed research about both these software comparing all their features to help you make a decision as to which software will be the best for you.

DaVinci Resolve vs Final Cut Pro

While this fact cannot be denied that both DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro are extremely efficient software, they have their own pros and cons. While one specific feature of software might be good, it might lack behind in the other one.

Here is a thorough comparison of both this software and every major feature they have. After reading this article, you will be able to make out clearly which application is better for you according to your work needs.

User Interface

The first impression that a user gets after opening a software decides whether they will be using the software in the long run or not. Therefore, it is very important that every software must have a good-looking, attractive, and easy-to-use interface. This helps its users to easily carry out their tasks and therefore creates a positive image of the software in the customer’s mind.

When comparing the interfaces of DaVinci Resolve and Final cut pro, there is a major difference in both of them. While the Final Cut Pro software has an extremely easy-to-use and simple interface, you can find almost all the major features right on the front screen. The software comes with an amazing magnetic timeline feature to easily cut, trim and move your video clips. Moreover, most of the work is done through a drag-and-drop feature only. Therefore, it becomes really simple and handy for the user to find what they exactly need and edit their videos efficiently. 

On the other hand, the interface of DaVinci Resolve is somewhat similar to that of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Therefore, it might seem to be a vast and complex software to use which it actually is. One cannot just use it for the first time and make the best use of it. The software demands a lot of time to learn its basics and know how to access different features in the software. Thus, as compared to Final cut pro, DaVinci resolve might seem to be a heavy and complex software to use.

Color Grading

Color grading is another essential feature that changes the looks of every video. Therefore, your video editing software must be able to handle color grading in the most efficient manner. This means that the software must provide you with detailed control over the colorization of your video and enhance its quality ultimately. DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro are ways apart when it comes to comparing their color grading features. 

Talking about DaVinci Resolve, this software was originally known as color correction software and therefore has extremely efficient color correcting tools. This software can just enhance the color quality of your videos to another level in a few steps only. With detailed control over every colorizing aspect of your video, DaVinci Resolve will limit you nowhere to compromise with the color quality of your videos. Therefore, if color grading is your top priority you must consider this software as your prime choice undoubtedly.

Although Final cut pro also has some efficient color grading tools to control the basic colorization of your videos. This includes balancing the contrast, tone, and other similar aspects of your videos. But the application might not be able to take you through a detailed color control option, therefore, making it inferior to DaVinci Resolve in this field.

Customer Support

Everyone expects software to provide them with efficient customer support options to get any assistance needed. Moreover, customers expect this assistance in the least time frame. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary for software to provide the best customer support to its users to maintain a good image among its audience.

Both DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro stand well on this aspect of providing instant support to their users. While DaVinci resolves and addresses its customer’s queries in an efficient manner, the final cut pro software comes with an all-time efficient support system from Apple. Therefore, concerning this feature, both the software equally, balance themselves although Apple’s customer support can be considered more efficient than any other company in the market. 

Audio Options

While editing videos, audio is a very important aspect of it. Since a good video always comes with good audio quality. Therefore, editors spend a lot of time enhancing the audio quality of a video. Among DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro, which software offers the best audio editing features has been a topic of discussion among professional editors.

To answer this question we made a thorough comparison of the audio editing features of both software. Talking about DaVinci Resolve the software comes within an inbuilt audio workstation where the quality of audio can be enhanced in every manner. Therefore You get a dedicated space only to work on your audio files. The workstation includes a variety of features like multiple plugins, automation tools, equalizers, and much more. This makes DaVinci Resolve an efficient tool to edit audio files. Although a major drawback of the software is its complexity. 

This is where Final cut pro takes over DaVinci Resolve. Final cut pro comes with a very simple interface to enhance the audio quality of your videos. Moreover, it also has some additional features that can balance your audio, remove background noise and enhance it to a great extent. Therefore, if you have a good hand on DaVinci Resolve it is recommended to go with it, otherwise considering Final cut pro can be the best decision to take.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are another important aspect that is included in almost every video these days. These graphics are used in professional-level video editing and therefore demand to be taken care of minutely. 

When it comes to motion graphics, Final cut pro outranks DaVinci Resolve pretty well. This is because of its amazing presets and overlay options that Final cut pro can be your prime choice. Moreover, you can easily customize your graphics and presets at any point in your editing journey. 

Although DaVinci Resolve is also capable of dealing with motion graphics to a great extent, Final cut pro proves to be an easy choice in comparison with it. Although, there can be some glitches seen while playing with graphics. Along with this, the software also isn’t capable of giving a smooth experience overall. Therefore, it can be a hard thing to deal with. 


One of the major factors that are included above all the other features is the speed of the software. Users always demand software that runs extremely fast and smoothly without interrupting their work. This is also the reason why people are ready to afford high-end devices to have a relentless and extremely enjoyable working experience like never before. Compared to running on an average device, this is what we found about the speed of DaVinci Resolve and Final cut pro.

If you want a software to be used for extremely raw editing of videos, DaVinci Resolve can be a good choice for you. Although, the application has some heavy tools, and therefore, it sometimes gets slow. Moreover, if you have a low-end system, DaVinci Resolve might work even slower creating a bad user experience for you overall.

Talking of Final cut pro, extensively made for Apple devices, this software runs with extreme smoothness and without any issues. No matter how much you load the software with extremely quality videos, final cut pro works with a good speed not letting you have a bad user experience overall. Therefore, when compared among the two, Final cut pro can be a good choice if you are looking for software with great speed and smoothness.

Price Rates

Last but one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the pricing of the software. If you want to use software for professional video editing, its free version might not be sufficient. Therefore, to buy the premium version of the software, you must compare their pricing to buy the one that suits your budget.

DaVinci Resolve and Final cut pro do not have a major difference in their pricing rates. Therefore, you can go with any software you find the best features for you. Since DaVinci Resolve Studio comes at a rate of $383, Final cut pro costs around $50 less than DaVinci Resolve to make its price $337. This gives you an advantageous side to consider only the features of the application since the pricing of both software does not vary much. 

Features | What to Consider?

When choosing a good video editing software for yourself, it becomes important to consider some major features in them. Therefore, here is the list of all the basic features that video editing software must include. Moreover, if you are to choose a software between DaVinci Resolve and Final cut pro, this list will make it easy to decide which software will suit the best to your needs.

User Interface: Good video editing software must have a simple and easy-to-use interface. The interface of software must be in a way such that even a first-time user can easily use it. Since a complex interface will immediately draw away the attention of the user, they will not like to use it.

Set of Basic Tools: Any video editing software must contain all the basic tools that are needed to make some general corrections in a video. This includes some basic tools like trimming, cutting, speeding up, slowing down, and other similar tools. If software lacks such tools it is not a good choice to consider for sure. In addition to these, you can look for a particular kind of tool as per your requirement in the software you are considering.

Lag-Free Experience: Good software is one that lags the least, works smoothly, and gives its customers the best working experience. Therefore, before you consider video editing software for yourself, it is recommended to learn from customer reviews how the software has performed for most people out there. This will help you decide whether to choose the software for your needs or not.

Affordable Pricing: If you need video editing software for minor edits, it is recommended to use the free version of the software, although, if you want to use it for professional use you might have to purchase a premium version of it. But, this premium version should also be within the average pricing of video editing software. Therefore, if the software fits your budget and has all the features you seek, it can be a good choice to go ahead with.

FAQs | DaVinci Resolve vs Final Cut Pro

What is the best alternative to DaVinci Resolve?

There is a lot of similar and efficient software like DaVinci Resolve. While you can consider using any of them, one of the major recommendations can be to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Do you need a powerful computer to run the DaVinci Resolve?

In order to run DaVinci Resolve you do not need any special computer. Although you must have a system that has medium-quality specifications and can bear load up to some extent. Having an updated or latest operating system will be a plus point for running DaVinci Resolve.

Is the DaVinci Resolve better than Filmora?

It cannot be specifically stated whether the software is better than any other software or not. Rather it depends upon the type of requirement you have for that software.

If the software is able to fulfill your needs easily, it is the best one to go with, otherwise, you must look for better software to get your work done.


To conclude, these are all the major comparisons between DaVinci Resolve and Final cut pro. While both editing software is widely used throughout the world, you make a decision by reading the above comparisons that which software will prove to be the best for you.

Although, if you are using an Apple device, it is recommended to go with Final cut pro. But in the end, it is completely your choice to consider the software you want. So choose your favorite editing software and start creating amazing videos like never before. 

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