Does M2 MacBook Air have 120Hz

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Apple announced the M2 chip along with a much-needed refresh of the MacBook Air.

The new M2 Air model has a notch that has one major 1080p webcam, replaced by the lowly 720p lens from the M1 MacBook Air.

Moreover, the new M2 MacBook Air’s display has a 2560×1664 resolution that keeps images, videos, websites, etc. looking sharp as can be on a display this size.

It has 500 nits of max brightness – 25% brighter than the 400-nit-max 2020 M1 Air model.

Now, many people hoped that Apple would include a 120Hz refresh rate, but unfortunately, it did not!

Its refresh rate tops out at 60Hz, which is a bad decision for a laptop that costs a minimum of $1,200.

It is inadequate for streaming and browsing as basic web browsing looks and feels far better at 120Hz.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, your two choices are the 14″ MacBook Pro or the 16″ MacBook Pro.

Regardless, the display on the M2 MacBook Air is still fabulous. It is more than good enough in every other respect, and while the refresh rate may not be as fast as possible, the machine’s overall performance paints a more pleasant picture.


What size is the M2 MacBook Air’s display?
The M2 MacBook Air has a 13.6-inch display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Is MacBook Air M2 good for gaming?
If you are planning to play AAA titles, then don’t even think about the M2 MacBook Air. Even though the hardware is capable, the ecosystem and throttling let it down.

Can MacBook Air M2 run 4K videos?
Yes, the M2 MacBook Air has a next-generation media engine with a powerful ProRes video engine for hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding. It means that the M2 Air can playback more streams of 4K and 8K video than before.


If you are still using an Intel MacBook Air and want to upgrade, you can’t go wrong with the M2 MacBook Air. Go ahead and buy it now.

For those working from home (or working from wherever), the M2 MacBook Air can be a better companion than most Windows laptops.

Yes, it starts at $1,200, but the new M2 Air delivers everything users may need from a refresh – a larger 13.6-inch display, robust battery life, an amazing keyboard, and ample horsepower to get done everyday tasks without any hassle.

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