10 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Download best Golf Apps for your Apple Watch.

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Golf is an incredible sport which requires minimal effort. The sport has also spawned tonnes of games, and many of them are for the Apple Watch.

Golf apps are convenient and cheap compared to a launch monitor or rangefinder device. But in the past years, these apps have weren’t up to the level of single-purpose golf technologies.

Developers have made sure that Golf apps for Apple Watch save you from going down the rabbit hole of finding the right option.

Like anything, the app developers needed time and customer feedback to improve their products, which brings me to the point of this post. We are searching for the best golf app for Apple Watch to save you from going down the rabbit hole of finding the right option.

If you’re a golfer with an Apple Watch, it will double as a golf GPS watch.

There are a myriad of Golf apps for the Apple Watch, and the constant updates have rendered them quite useful.

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

I want to highlight that these apps aren’t dedicated devices to get golf readings, but they are helpful and accurate.

1. Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard is the best golf app for Apple Watch, and it has the full scope of features.

This app will assist you around the golf course. How? It features a doppler radar view of the weather in the surrounding area. It also has the virtual caddie function that lets you measure the distance to your target and suggests the best club to get you there.

The spotlight feature of 18Birdies is the tee shot planner that displays the best area to hit based on data from the other players. Furthermore, the app includes a blind shot compass, which helps you ensure that you aim correctly at blind targets.

Main features

  • GPS yardage provides distance
  • AI helps you hone your skills
  • Tee shot planner assists you in hitting the ball


  • No free version,
  • Limited free trial

Pricing: $2.99-$99.99

App rating: 4.9

Download Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard

2. GolfShot

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Golfshot sure is an that gives you the wrist-based distance. It’s also one of the best services for booking tee-times and working out handicaps.

Where the app lacks is its design, and it looks a little outdated and feels a tad bit difficult to use.

The app is good at offering a total view of the hole – a unique app feature. You can also zoom in on the green for the best position.

Main features

  • Total view of the hole
  • Working out handicaps


  • Lacklustre design
  • Learning curve

Pricing: $2.99-$29.99

App rating: 4.8

Download Golfshot Plus

3. The Grint

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

If you want a quirky app, The Grint is for you. It has revolutionised scoring in golf for many players.

The app will help you know where you stand in the field, which is what golf is all about.

You can use your iPhone to see this feature. What’s more? The application also lets you record your score on each hole and the accuracy of your drive. There’s also an option for shanks.

There’s also a scoring feature that tracks the distance of your putts and how many of them you made per hole. The app also lets you track the club you used for any shot.

Main features

  • Record your putts per round
  • Keep track of your strokes per hole
  • Provides yardage to the fairway and the green


  • Pro membership is imperative to use this app on your Apple Watch
  • Yardage only to the green and not to the pin

Pricing: $2.99-$99.99

App rating: 4.8

Download The Grint

4. Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS is for those who want. The app is focused on group scoring.

If you want, you can create tournaments along with real-time scoring. I know that it isn’t unique to this app.

One can view the leaderboard on their Apple Watch, with at-a-glance stroke-play scores to view up to four players.

The spotlight feature is the standard range-finding aspect and the ability to input data on fairways hit or the missed and putts taken. The group scoring makes this app worth checking out.

Main features

  • Create tournaments
  • Range-finding aspect
  • Group scoring feature


  • A tad bit slow

Pricing: $2.99-$35.99

App rating: 4.8

Download Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS

5. TAG Heuer Golf

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

As Tag Heuer is known for its watches, it wasn’t surprising that there’s a Tag Heuer Golf app for Apple Watch.

This app was launched alongside a particular Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition. Like the watch, the app itself is a thing of beauty.

The app, formerly known as Fun Golf GPS, is known for its incredible visuals and fly-pasts courses.

As it’s a TAG Heuer app, you’ll need to shelve $39.99 for an annual subscription, including slick interactive 2D course maps and distances to the green and hazards.

Other features include shot measuring, scores and insights, measuring the distance to the green and hazards, and an excellent real-time club recommendation feature.

Main features

  • Quality of the mapping is so impressive
  • Leaderboard of who’s winning
  • Syncs back to the iPhone app


  • A whopping $39.99 for the premium subscription

Pricing: $6.99-$39.99

App rating: 4.7

Download TAG Heuer Golf

6. Arccos Caddie

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Arccos Caddie is known to be golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform. It easily syncs with Arccos Caddie sensors that help automatically track your shots while delivering Smart Distance club averages and game insights.

The app also lets you try an A.I. powered GPS rangefinder that advises golfers of any skill level. It will help them make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores.

To successfully use this app, you’ll need Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors to use this app. Once they are paired up, you’ll see that the AI can assist you in working on your golf game and see where you can improve.

The app is relatively easy to use, and it will detect each shot automatically. I like that you get to view a front, middle and back yardage to the green ahead and suggest which club you should hit for your next shot.

Using this app on your Apple Watch is a breeze, and it will automatically detect each shot.

Main features

  • Automatically detects each shot
  • A.I. powered GPS rangefinder is fabulous


  • A.I. powered GPS rangefinder is unreliable

Pricing: Free

App rating: 4.7

Download Arccos Caddie

7. Golf GPS SwingU

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

If you want a top-performing golf GPS rangefinder app, Golf GPS SwingU is for you.

It is reliable, accurate, and quite battery-efficient compared to any other Golf app.

The app keeps a digital scorecard that swiftly tracks your score, putts, and auto advances hole-to-hole.

There’s also an accessible handicap after posting scores from 3 rounds. You can also track your shots and learn how far you hit your clubs. You can get distances to 5+ tiers of the green when you tap on the flag on any hole.

The app is also known to be the only golfer community-verified course database globally. It is also consistently improving with new functionality.

Main features

  • Free, unless you wish to upgrade
  • GPS rangefinder functions on most courses
  • Provides yardage to the green and hazards


  • Exclusive features require an upgrade

Pricing: $4.99-$99.99

App rating: 4.7

Download Golf GPS SwingU

8. V1 Game: Golf GPS Distances

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

V1 Game: Golf GPS Distances is one of the best golf apps for the Apple Watch. The features are pretty robust, and it can be the only app you’ll require to keep track of your scores and performance.

Golf techies appreciate the premium virtual caddie that offers everything from yardage readings to detailed insight, post-round statistics and shot tracking.

The app’s GPS functionality includes data for over 40,000 golf courses worldwide – covering layouts on the planet.

Moreover, the app’s rangefinder technology allows golfers to manually set the position of the pin on their Apple Watch for a more precise club selection.

Main features

  • GPS data of 40,000+ golf courses
  • Detailed insight into your game to help you improve
  • GPS rangefinder offers accurate yardage to hazards, landing zones, and the green


  • All the features are available only in the Eagle package for $119 per year

Pricing: $1.99-$119.99

App rating: 4.6

Download V1 Game: Golf GPS Distances

9. Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder keeps all your scores in one place. If you want an all-around addition to your golfing gadgets, this app is a must-have in your golf arsenal.

You can keep score, look after stats and yardages, and check out courses in advance.

The app also notes how many putts we take, which will help in your performance.

Golf GPS Hole19 on an Apple Watch is the best at providing accurate and clear to the front, middle and back of the green. You can also score and measure how far each of your shots goes.

The Premium tier includes goodies like shot tracking, handicap calculation, etc.

Main features

  • Measures how far each of your shots goes
  • Great statistic
  • Handicap calculation, Shot tracking


  • Premium tier is expensive as compared to other apps

Pricing: $2.99-$49.99

App rating: 4.4

Download Golf GPS Hole19 + Range Finder

10. VPar

Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

VPar is an app for people who are looking for live scoring, challenges and tracking statistics.

You can set up live tournaments and leaderboards with your friends, which helps enhance your weekly roll-up.

Along with GPS for 30,000 courses, the app displays accurate front, middle, and back yardages and the ability to log your score on your Apple Watch. You can do that from the convenience of your watch.

If you want, you can track your stats like driving accuracy, greens in regulation and putts that helps you understand as to what part of your game needs improving.

Main features

  • GPS for 30,000 courses
  • Track greens in regulation, putts, and driving accuracy
  • Live tournaments and leaderboards


  • Lags a bit

Pricing: £4.99-£39.99

App rating: 4.0

Download VPar


Which is the best golf app for Apple Watch?

Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard is the best golf app for Apple Watch because of its cheap and robust features.

Why is a golf app necessary?

The golf GPS apps assist you in mapping each hole, marked with hazards and doglegs, showing your location. The apps will also tell you the distance to the front, back, and middle of the green. Many apps have scorekeeping and statistical measures as well.

Can I use my Apple Watch as a golf rangefinder?

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch as a golf rangefinder, and many of the apps on this list are helpful GPS rangefinders.


Golf apps have come a long way in a short space of time.

Having a golf app on your app is akin to a virtual caddie device which helps to speed up play.

I suggest you try an app and continue with its premium version as it is more affordable than owning a premium laser range finder.

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