How to Increase Font Size on MacBook (M1 Macs)

Read the methods explained below to increase the text size on Macs

How to Increase Font Size on MacBook m1 m2 macs

Apple’s MacBook is a perfect choice for any kind of work. With the new M1 chips, they have become unstoppable.

But any device has its issues, including M1 MacBooks. There could be various reasons to increase font size on your MacBook.

You can change the screen resolution throughout the operating system which also affects other interface elements, making buttons and icons bigger.

Scroll below to find the steps for increasing the font at the end of this article.

How to Increase Font Size on MacBook (M1 Macs)

There’s an easy way to increase font size on MacBook and other elements of the system if you want to.

Method 1: System Preferences

You can change many settings in the System Preferences.

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select System Preferences from the menu.

Step 3: Select ‘Displays’ in the System Preferences window.

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Step 4: On the Displays screen, ensure the Display tab is selected.

Step 5: Tap on the Scaled checkbox.

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Step 6: Now, click on the ‘Larger Text’ option.

Step 7: You’ll see a prompt, “Are you sure you want to switch to this scaled resolution? When using this scaled resolution, some applications may not fit entirely on screen.” Select OK to confirm.

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Step 8: Click the close button on the top left corner of the System Preferences window.

Method 2: Accessibility features

There’s another way to increase the text size for a shorter period of time.

Step 1: Open your System Preferences.

Step 2: Select Accessibility.

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Step 3: Pick ‘Zoom’ located to the left under Vision.

Step 4: Check the first box at the top for Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom. You can also take notes of the shortcuts which you’ll be using quite often.

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Method 3: Mac Accessibility Zoom Shortcuts

You can use shortcuts to zoom in and increase the size of your screen, including the text on it.

You can also increase the text you are reading along with the screen.

Enable the setting at the bottom of the Accessibility window to Enable Hover Text.

You can take advantage of a quick shortcuts when on the desktop: Press Command + J and a small window will open.

For Apps and Webpages –

You can also zoom in on apps and webpages

Use the shortcut: Command + plus sign (+) to zoom in and Command + hyphen (-) to zoom out.


You can increase font size on MacBook easily.

It is better to increase the font size than squinting or looking for your glasses.

You can not just increase the font size across the system, but you can apply it to the apps, webpages, etc.


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