Is MacBook Pro M1 Touch Screen?

Is MacBook Pro M1 Touch Screen

Apple products are bought by millions globally, thanks to its close-knit ecosystem and software and hardware integration. Moreover, unlike Android phones, Apple has to deal with other firms when making their devices hardly. This statement can now be extended to the newly launched MacBooks equipped with Apple’s M1 silicon chipset.

The M1 is an amalgamation of endurance and power, which makes it a recommendation on many sites. It can juggle between a great, high-definition movie and uncountable tabs on a browser.

Even though not much has changed in terms of the exterior look, extreme under-the-hood changes make MacBook Pro M1 quite promising. But has Apple finally given in and included a touch screen option for those who’d still like to scroll to web pages? Let’s find out!

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Is MacBook Pro M1 Touch Screen?

The MacBook Pro M1 is a new era for Apple, even though the exterior doesn’t corroborate with this statement. The design stays the same, and there aren’t any new changes apart from the internals.

Unfortunately, that also means there isn’t a touchscreen on the MacBook Pro M1. This is actually disappointing when you know that the macOS Big Sur update lets you download iPhone and iPad apps.

Is MacBook Pro M1 Touch Screen

The Touch Bar is still the closest thing to a touch screen on a MacBook, which rumors suggest will be nixed soon. If you really want to touch your screen, you should consider buying an iPad Pro with the Magic equipped with a trackpad.

Of course, MacBook Pro M1 is still a powerful machine, but you get the flexibility to change between touching and typing on your screen. For this, you can make use of your finger or an Apple Pencil. MacBook Pro M1 is a potent device, but certain tasks can be executed on an iPad.

The M1 chipset has made some of thinking about what Apple can achieve when doing things their own way. The MacBook Air proved that a powerful device doesn’t need a fan and can be thin. The technology for a touchscreen display for a laptop exists, but when it comes to Apple, they follow trends when they have perfected it. We might have to wait a while to see a useable macOS version for a touch screen.


Now that you know MacBook Pro M1 isn’t touchscreen, would you still buy it, or is that factor not a deal-breaker? Numerous touch screen laptops even become tablets for our convenience. I use a touchscreen laptop, and it is liberating to use it for scrolling or just tapping on things.

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