10 Best Countdown Apps for iPhone (FREE & PAID)

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Human lives are forever busy, be it office work or taking care of family, or both – kudos to those who pull off both responsibilities with aplomb.

You would know how difficult it is to manage time, yet some do it as if it comes effortlessly to them.

Any entrepreneur or CEO will tell you that waking up early and managing time by the minute is essential.

So what happens when you pull off the perfect day and forget your partner’s birthday – or worst, your anniversary?

The complex solution is not to forget it, while the easy one is to jot it down somewhere that will remind you of a particular day, event, etc.

Due to the multitude of apps on the App Store, you can find apps that can run your entire day – from shopping lists to water and medicine reminders – so why not have an application with a countdown.

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, holidays, examinations, or upcoming movies, you can have a visual countdown of these events on your fabulous iPhone. Let’s have a look at the 10 best countdown apps.

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

A countdown app comes in handy when you want to see the counting down of days to a coveted event. Some apps offer notifications and reminders, ensuring you won’t forget them. Apart from these, the following countdown apps have many more features.

1 . Countdown Star

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Countdown Star is the best countdown app for iPhone mainly for three reasons – 1. it’s free. 2. it can track the date of any event, and 3. it is super easy to use.

This app is for the people who want to track numerous events – birthdays, anniversaries, parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, baby’s due date, or an upcoming vacation.

The app lets you customize each event personally with pictures or wallpapers. This feature is sweet as you can use your wife’s picture to remember her birthday!

Apple was late to the party of widgets, but it arrived with a blast. Countdown Star has a widget feature that showcases only the countdown of the event you have selected.

Moreover, those who like to organize their day minute-by-minute can set a date for those events to the exact minute, which acts as reminders.

Main features

  • Collection of wallpapers
  • Display event countdown through widgets
  • Customize events with an exact countdown time


  • Customized wallpapers are too zoomed in to fit on phone displays

Pricing: Completely free

App rating: 4.8

Download Countdown Star

2. Countdown

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Countdown, developed by Mariano Rezk, has some significant UI elements and great features.

With this app, you can count down to as many events as possible. Add to this the ability to get notifications and reminders a day or even a week before the event.

Unlike Countdown Star, there isn’t a feature to add a customized picture to differentiate it from other events.

What Countdown offers is the ability to add varying colors to each event.

The best feature of this app is setting countdowns that repeat yearly, and it’s the best solution for not forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and similar events.

Main features

  • Widget that displays multiple event countdowns
  • Frequent alerts and reminders
  • Choose your countdown format


  • Not compatible with any calendar app

Pricing: Free to download; $2.99

App rating: 4.8

Download Countdown

3. DayCount

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

DayCount is one of the best countdown apps for iPhone.

The app has fantastic features that will help you stay abreast of upcoming events.

You’ll find some beautiful themes and other impressive features, such as adding widgets to your home screen.

Frequent forgetters can receive regular alerts for events they have set; people can also choose to repeat the event cycle, rendering adding similar events to the app useless.

The DayCount app goes further and lets users track their goals and habits with a goal achiever tool and a habit tracker, respectively.

Although the app is free to download, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid model to get these additional and useful features.

Main features

  • Customizable widgets for every event
  • Regular notification alerts for the events
  • Backup and sync events across multiple Apple devices


  • Users reported syncing issues
  • Premium subscription is too expensive

Pricing: Free to download; $9.99-$27.99

App rating: 4.7

Download DayCount

4. Countdown°

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Developed by rongsheng li, Countdown° is yet another countdown app that you should have on your iPhone.

Consider this a life saver as you can organize your important event effortlessly.

The app allows you to choose custom background themes, so you don’t confuse two almost-similar events.

The spotlight feature of Countdown° is the feature to import all the events from the iOS Calendar app so that you don’t have to hop onto two different apps to know what’s your day like.

The ‘Date calculator’ function is super helpful when you want to find out the time interval between two dates.

Other splendid features of the app include creating countdown widgets, getting daily alerts, repeating event cycles, and customizing reminders on your whim.

The app is perfect for Chinese users as it supports different date formats and lunar calendar settings.

Main features

  • Date calculator to find out the exact countdown time
  • Supports the Apple Calendar app
  • Supports multiple date formats
  • Customizable Lunar Calendar settings


  • Known performance lags

Pricing: Free to download; $0.99 Pro version

App rating: 4.8

Download Countdown°

5. Event Countdown – Calendar App

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

As the name is self-explanatory, this app from ROOT38 LIMITED doubles as a countdown timer and a calendar app.

Customizing every event is superb and gives you the freedom to create similar yet different entries.

Use color codes and icons to categorize your events. You don’t have to worry about running out of icons as there are a total of 450 – you can categorize events worth a year and more.

Social media enthusiasts can share their events on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you choose this app, planning important life events will become easier.

Main features

  • Showcase countdown on widgets
  • 400+ event color icons
  • Sync all events with other devices


  • Cluttered user interface

Pricing: Free to download; $9.99

App rating: 4.7

Download Event Countdown – Calendar App

6. Vacation Countdown

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Did you finally make plans and booked a trip with your close ones? But secretly hoping work commitments won’t engulf your time? Then Vacation Countdown from Kulana Media Productions LLC is your best bet.

This app will keep track of your vacation dates and make you remember the trip.

If you are too excited about an upcoming trip, channel your excitement with motivational quotes that might soothe you for a while.

The app features a packing checklist so you won’t forget your passports, swimwear, chargers, etc.

Vacation Countdown also packs a bit of fun with educational and special vacation games.

Add to this list the use of vacation-themed background pictures, creating your countdown style, and you have your perfect countdown app.

Main features

  • Receive daily quotes
  • Easy vacation packing checklist
  • Supports vacation-inspired background themes


  • No non-linear accounting

Pricing: Free to download; $1.99-$16.99

App rating: 4.7

Download Vacation Countdown App

7. Days – Event Countdown

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Days is the next best countdown app for iPhones on this list. Its simple user interface makes it exceedingly more accessible for anyone to grasp the workings of this app. This app allows you to browse beautiful pictures for your countdown background from the Unsplash gallery. Little things like event calendars, counting down or up to your events, and multiple iPhone countdown widgets make this app stand out from the rest.

Main features

  • Superb countdown widgets
  • Supports both countdowns and count up to your events
  • See all the events in one countdown calendar


  • Can’t customize fonts
  • Wrong badge displayed

Pricing: Free to download, $0.99-$19.99

App rating: 4.8

Download Days – Event Countdown

8. Baby Countdown 2022

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

A due month is a dangling sword on the mother and the father.

I hope you won’t need this app – meaning you won’t forget a baby being born, but there are certain circumstances where humans tend to forget important events.

In those times, this app will come in handy.

Although the app is aimed specifically at pregnant mothers, expecting couples too can take advantage of it.

Track the baby’s due date and get things in motion, such as buying a crib, getting the baby’s room ready, clothes, diapers, etc.

The app also lets you monitor your pregnancy progress and the completion of the baby’s nursery.

Those staying far from home can share these countdown stats with family and friends, so they, too, are abreast with your progress.

Baby Countdown 2022 will keep you motivated by sharing pregnancy quotes during your pregnancy time.

Consider this app the one-stop app for managing your life till your beautiful baby comes into this life.

Main features

  • Pregnancy progress update
  • Receive pregnancy quotes daily
  • 20+ cute background themes


  • Users reported inaccurate countdowns
  • Too many advertisements

Pricing: Free to download; $0.99-$17.99

App rating: 4.7

Download Baby Countdown 2022

9. Exam Countdown – School & Uni

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Exam Countdown is another excellent app from ROOT38 LIMITED, which also designed the Event Countdown – Calendar App. This app helps you keep track of upcoming tests or examination dates so that you don’t just party and forget.

With Exam Countdown, you get a chance to prepare for any examination more efficiently.

This ability allows you to create a countdown up to seconds to manage your time effectively.

To differentiate various subjects, there is a color code with 400+ icons. Use this to remember different and similar subjects.

To stay aware, I’d suggest you enable notifications so that you are on your toes.

Lastly, you can share your countdowns with classmates, family, friends, and even teachers.

Main features

  • 400+ color icons
  • Ability to add notes for tests
  • Enter exam results


  • Notifications UI could improve

Pricing: Free to download; $5.49

App rating: 4.7

Download Exam Countdown – School & Uni

10. Eventime – Event Countdown

Best Countdown Apps for iPhone

Eventime is an event countdown app that lets you track upcoming events and occasions.

Designed by Daniel Cruanes Gonzalez, this feature-packed countdown app has some fabulous visuals, making it easy for the eyes to add events.

Widgets are a part of this app, and how! You can create your widgets with custom countdowns and impressive-looking backgrounds to go with them.

Like Exam Countdown, you can create a countdown up to the seconds for a date too important to miss and add related notes.

Main features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Categorize every occasion
  • Supports widgets for individual events


  • No different views for the countdown

Pricing: Free to download; $0.99

App rating: 4.4

Download Eventime – Event Countdown


Which countdown app is best?

Countdown Star by Joseph Merrill is the best countdown app for iPhone, and it’s easy and works without any delays.

Is there a free countdown app for iPhones?

Yes, all of them are free countdown apps, but some require purchases to unlock extra features.

Are the countdown apps safe?

Yes, they are safe. Ensure you don’t grant unwanted permissions, such as a microphone or camera access. A countdown app doesn’t need either of them.


These are the 10 best countdown apps for iPhone.

Use any app or more apps per your needs, and you won’t forget any significant occasions such as the examination schedule or someone special’s birthday.

I use the Tantum app, but it is no longer available on the App Store.

Countdown Star is the best app you can have on your iPhone, and it is free, easy to use, and gets the job done.

You can also look at Apple’s timer and stopwatch functionalities built into the default clock app. They, too, are good options.

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