Does M2 MacBook Air has a fan

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Planning to buy a MacBook? Are you confused between an Air or a Pro? Well, if your work involves writing, consuming content, and doing light editing, then the MacBook Air makes sense.

Apple introduced the M1 MacBook Air in late 2020, and so began the journey of the Cuperino-giant’s silicone. Another surprise was the removal of the fan that has been part of its internals since its genesis.

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In short, the MacBook Air M1, or the newly launched M2 MacBook Air doesn’t have any fans built into it. It’s a passively-cooled machine, which doesn’t require any special hardware to actively cool it.

Does M2 MacBook Air has a fan

This was an intentional step of the design so that the MacBook Air can be thinner than the MacBook Pro.

Another aspect of the MacBook Air that is by design is when it starts to heat up, it will throttle performance to maintain a proper running temperature.

Being Apple’s most well-known laptop as it’s an inexpensive machine, it is bought by ‘casual’ users. These are people who spend most of their time surfing the internet, using productivity tasks, and other productivity apps like iWork or the Microsoft Office suite, consuming entertainment or opting for online meetings.

The most taxing work could be from apps like iMovie, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro, or some other consumer-level creative software for short time.


Does the M2 MacBook Air get hot?
The M2 MacBook Air is a passively-cooled machine and doesn’t use any special hardware to actively cool it. This is done purposefully by design.

Is MacBook Air M2 better than M1?
The M1 MacBook Air was launched in November 2020 and had the same design as its Intel counterparts. The M2 MacBook Air was launched in June 2022 and went on sale in July 2022. It saw a complete design overhaul for the first time in years. The 2022 MacBook Air has a new chip, a bigger display, and a brand-new design.

What comes with MacBook Air M2 in the box?
You’ll get the MacBook Air, 30W USB-C Power Adapter (M2 with 8-core GPU) or 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter (M2 with 10-core GPU and 512GB storage), and a USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable (2 m).


The M2 MacBook Air does not have fans. And it doesn’t need one as it’s designed for people who do light work.

If you are looking for a MacBook with a fan, you have plenty of options – the M2 MacBook Pro, the 14″ MacBook Pro, or the 16″ MacBook Pro.

If you want the best of what Apple has to offer, the 16″ MacBook Pro can be configured to its highest capacity. It is currently the best laptop money can buy.

If your work requires a powerful laptop that is fast but doesn’t cost a bomb, the M1 MacBook Air or the M2 MacBook Air is your best bet!

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