iPad Not Charging? 7 Solutions to try

If your iPad is not charging, try these tips

iPad not Charging

iPad is the best tablet in the entire world. That is not an exaggeration, as the latest M1 chip proves my statement.

My mom owns the M1 11-inch iPad Pro, and I must say it is pretty fabulous.

So far, I have never faced a serious issue, but there was a time when the iPad didn’t charge. And that took my breath away…in a wrong way.

Luckily there was an issue with the charging cable as my dog destroyed it in one of her chewing expeditions.

But for many of you, the issue might be much more severe, so I have listed seven methods that might help you understand why your iPad is not charging.

Try the methods one by one and see if they are working.

If not, the last way might be helpful for you.

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iPad not Charging

iPads not charging is a huge deal if all your work is in it.

But it would help if you verified that the problem lies in charging itself. Try connecting your adapter and cable properly. It might be that the battery is dead. In that case, give your iPad at least two hours to charge.

If it still isn’t charging, then the following methods will help you identify the issue.

1. Reboot your iPad

Rebooting or restarting any device with unknown issues is the best to deal with them temporarily.

Apple devices are no different. Turning an iPad off and back on again is a piece of classic advice that might solve the charging problem.

Keep in mind that this method will only work if your iPad still has some juice left in it.

iPad not Charging

To reboot an iPad without a home button – press and immediately release the volume button closest to the top button > press and quickly release the volume button farthest from the top button > now, press and hold the top button until your iPad restarts.

For an iPad with a home button – press and hold both the top or side button and the home button until you see the Apple logo flash across the screen.

2. Check your iPad’s Lightning port

This might be the issue that is hampering your iPad’s charging situation.

Say if your iPad only lately started being unable to charge, there might be an issue with the Lightning port as it might be clogged with dirt or dust.

Many think that this can only happen on a smartphone that is being forced into pockets and bags, but it might also apply to iPads.

To clean or check your iPad’s lightning or USB port, you need a flashlight. You now have to look into it.

If you see any dirt in it, you can try to clean the port with a toothpick. Ensure that the pressure you apply is minimum as brute force can damage the port.

If you still aren’t sure how to clean the charging port, just Google “How to clean your charging port when it won’t charge.”

Once you show that you’ve cleaned the port, try connecting the cable and see if your iPad charges. If it doesn’t, then move on to the following method.

3. Is the charging cable damaged?

iPad not Charging

This one feels familiar as I have a dog who damaged my iPad’s charging cable.

Such cables are predisposed to breaking. So. If your USB cable looks like it’s frayed or broken, throw it away and get a new and verified cable from Apple.

4. Check the charging plug

Most times, the wire is not connected correctly to the charging adapter. This could be the main issue why your iPad is not charging.

Make sure that you connect your USB A or USB Type-C cable correctly into the charging adapter and the other end of the cable into your iPad.

Refrain from charging your iPad or any other device with the computer since it’s charging slowly compared to today’s standards.

Many people also forget to turn on the switch, so if that’s you, my advice is to look at the switch once again.

5. Miscellaneous

Other options include using a different cable or power adapter. Most often, the problem lies in either of the two.

Moreover, your iPad could be having issues if it’s too cold or hot. It would be best if you keep your iPad within tolerable operating temperatures.

6. Hard Reset Your iPad

When nothing works from your end, hard resetting the iPad is your best bet.

It could be that your iPad’s software may have crashed entirely, which may have turned the display pitch black. This leaves the iPad unresponsive.

A hard reset might briefly fix the software crash.

So, how to hard reset an iPad? Well, now that there are two kinds of iPads – one with a home button and the other sans it – I’ll explain the process.

If your iPad doesn’t have a home button – the latest one, then press and release the volume up button > press and release the volume down button >  and now press and hold the top button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.

If your iPad has a home button – press and hold the home button and the power button in tandem until you see the Apple logo flash. You might need to hold both buttons for 20-30 seconds.

7. Visit the service centre

If none of the previous options work and your iPad is still not charging, then you should visit the service centre. Pros will investigate and tell you if there’s something wrong with your iPad’s hardware or some other issues.

Please visit an authorized Apple Store only.

iPad not Charging


Is there another way to charge an iPad?

No, there is no other way to charge an iPad. Since the iPad doesn’t have wireless charging, you’ll have to charge it the traditional way – via lightning, type-c cable, or charge it in your car.

How do I revive a dead iPad battery?

To revive a dead iPad battery, do the following:

  • Recharge the iPad
  • Reboot the iPad. …
  • Back up and Restore the iPad.
  • Reset the iPad.

How do I clean my iPad charging port?

Do the following to clean your iPad’s charging port:

  • Buy an air duster.
  • Lead the air nozzle at the charging port.
  • Spray several short bursts.
  • Try plugging your iPad in.
  • Look inside the port for any caked-on dust or dirt.
  • Delicately insert the toothpick into the port.

How many years does the iPad last?

Critics believe that iPad will last for about 4-5years, on average. This isn’t a long time, but blame it on hardware and software limitations.

Is it bad to leave my iPad charging all night?

You can charge your iPad overnight. There aren’t any hardware issues, so your iPad will be fine.

Wrapping it up

These are some of the reasons that your iPad won’t charge.

The methods mentioned earlier are the panacea to solve the issue you are facing with your iPad.

I hope your iPad is charging again and you didn’t have to visit the service centre.

Now, the next time when your iPad or anyone else’s iPad won’t charge, you have seven solutions to fix the problem.

Did these methods solve your problem? What are the other issues you face with your iPad? Drop them in the comments below so that we can ready a fix for them as well.

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