Is it worth replacing iPad’s battery

Is it worth replacing iPads battery

Since Apple introduced iPads in 2010, the tablet section has boomed.

Many manufacturers have been “influenced” by its design and even the Apple Pencil.

An average iPad generally holds up and functions perfectly for several years if it’s taken care of and used too roughly. But you’ll eventually run into some battery issues.

The battery is a device’s most essential feature; even your iPad would be metal junk if it didn’t turn on.

Most people using their iPad want the battery to last for a long time, but it will eventually die.

Those who want to replace the iPad’s battery wish to know if it’s worth it as all batteries are essentially consumable, and their battery efficiency will decrease over time.

If this is your case, you might be due for a replacement for the battery. So, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about iPad battery replacements and when you should replace your iPad’s battery.

No ‘Battery Health’ indicator for iPads. Why?

iPhones have had an excellent feature that even Android phones are still missing – battery health. It lets you track your battery so that you can adapt to a better way to charge and use the battery.

Is it worth replacing iPad's battery

Unfortunately, Apple did not include this feature on their iPads, even though it is more powerful than an iPhone.

To look at your iPad’s battery health, you need to install a third-party app and use it to monitor the battery. But these battery monitoring apps require you to connect the iPad to a computer.

If you still want to go ahead, coconutBattery is a great app; iMazing works well and is available for both macOS and Windows.

How does AppleCare+ help with warranty replacement?

Suppose your iPad is under its original warranty, or you had purchased an AppleCare+ extended warranty while buying the iPad – which is still in effect. In that case, Apple will replace the battery for free. Sometimes, the service center will replace the entire iPad without cost.

The Apple service center will test your iPad to see if something not covered by the warranty caused the problem. If that’s the case, your replacement won’t be free. Moreover, if you engrave your iPad, Apple will impress the replacement iPad, which means the turnaround time can be up to two weeks.

If you aren’t sure whether your iPad is still under warranty, you can enter the iPad’s serial number into Apple’s warranty checker tool.

If your iPad is covered under AppleCare insurance or is still not a year old from its purchase date, Apple will replace the battery if it finds any issues.

Remember that these replacements take 3-5 business days to complete.

Apple has tight control over all its devices, which is why their batteries don’t reduce efficiency unless they’re pretty old. But if you want to replace your iPad, which is 3+ years old and without a warranty, it could cost you $99.

Replacing iPad’s battery with Expired Warranty

If your iPad is out of warranty, Apple will repair the battery for a minimum of $99 (₹6,000-₹8,000). You can initiate a repair by starting a service request on Apple’s site or visiting an authorized Apple Store.

Even if you have to pay for the battery replacement, $99 is a fair price for an iPad that costs between $449-$2,979 (₹30,900-₹2,12,900).

That being said, you should consider the cost of repair versus the cost of getting a new iPad. If the iPad with the failed battery is old, it may be better to spend that money on buying a new iPad. But if you purchased your iPad 2-3 years ago and the battery is the only issue, you should get its battery replaced.

Do-It-Yourself Battery Replacement?

Some tech-savvy people can replace their batteries and if you feel you are one of them, try the s do-it-yourself option.

It will cost you between $50-$90 (₹3,900-₹7,100) – roughly the same amount as Apple. So, only proceed if you have the right skills and tools.

But remember that if your iPad is still under warranty, repairing it will void its warranty. If you ruin your iPad, Apple will not fix the device.

If you are still hell-bent on replacing your iPad battery, iFixit has a tutorial on replacing an iPad battery that can help guide you.

Here’s how to maintain a dying iPad battery

If you think your iPad still has a long way to go before it needs a replacement, here’s how you can preserve its battery.

Reduce the screen brightness: A fully bright screen can run the battery down quickly. So, lower the screen brightness by swiping down from the top right to see the Control Panel and then drag the Brightness slider down.

Manually Restart your iPad: If your iPad is slowing down and you feel it’s getting very hot, a software glitch might be responsible for the issue. This draws excess power from the iPad’s battery. There’s an easy solution: Force-restart the iPad. Once it is shut off, wait several minutes for the battery to cool down, then turn it on again.

Elude power-hungry apps: Go to the Settings app and click on battery. Scroll down to the list of apps and see which apps are the most taxing to your iPad battery.

Disable location services: Location services might not be as necessary on your iPad as on an iPhone as it essentially lets the app know your exact location. To save the battery, you can disable all location services with a single swipe. To do so, go to the Settings app and click on Privacy. Now tap on Location Services and disable the feature by swiping the button to the left.

Disable WiFi or turn on Airplane mode: There will be times when you won’t need internet access – while reading a book or playing offline games – you can save battery life by disabling your wireless services. Go to the Control Panel and click on Airplane Mode to do so.


Is it worth putting a new battery in an old iPad?

Generally, iPad batteries hold up for several years of use, provided that you take good care of them. Eventually, you may start running into issues with the battery. If it won’t hold a charge as well as it used to, that clearly indicates that you need to change it.

How many years does an iPad battery last?

After two or three years from their purchase date, lithium-ion batteries will lose some of their capacity. A full charge won’t last as long as it used to.

Can you put a new battery on an iPad?

Apple Service Center can service the battery in your iPad or Apple Pencil for a service fee – If your device is not in warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover batteries that wear down from everyday use. They will test your iPad to see if it has a battery or a different power issue.


Replacing your iPad batteries depends more on how you have used it and how it has aged – a combination of the two most often.

Apple tunes iPads to make them last longer. They charge a premium for their products and deliver on their reputation, which means that consumers get more out of the device they buy.

Apple discards its devices because of a reduction in battery efficiency and not because of software issues or malfunctions.

If you have used your iPad for a long time and the battery has degraded, it makes sense to replace the battery and get some more use out of the device instead of buying a new one altogether.

So, if your iPad works perfectly well but its battery is the main issue, you should get it replaced. As mentioned in the previous section, battery replacement costs $99, but a new and basic iPad costs $449 – I won’t even say the Pro models.

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