Is MacBook Pro M1 Good for Graphic Design?

Is MacBook Pro M1 Good for Graphic Designers

Pandemic has made us think about our working conditions. Many firms have now started to let certain people work from home, who simply need a powerful device and their skills (obviously). Those who have a desktop need not worry, as they can be upgraded on one’s whim. However, when it comes to laptops, the scenario becomes restricted.

Being a graphic designer, people might have suggested you buy laptops from various manufacturers, including Apple. MacBooks have long been the first choice for designers, editors, and content creators in general due to their ease of use, color accuracy, image quality, and other deal-breaking factors.

With Apple’s revolutionary M1 chipset, many are eyeing Apple’s new offering due to its performance boost and the feel in general. However, many are skeptical of the new entrant as search sites are loaded with unsure queries.

If you are a graphic designer and wondering whether or not MacBook Pro M1 good for your work, then I’ll sort out your confusion and help you choose a potent machine.

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Why designers favor MacBooks?

Apple MacBooks were thought to be revolutionary when it had launched. Be it color accuracy and the general use case. There are only a few differences between Windows and macOS. But since Adobe Creative Cloud is available on both operating systems, the gap is more bridged than before.

Macs are reliable, the speakers are the best in the business, and some apps only cater to Apple’s OS (Sketch, for instance). Moreover, MacBooks are used by many professionals as they can easily afford them. Whatever your views are, the majority of designers still favor the Mac.

Is MacBook Pro M1 good for Graphic Design?

Is MacBook Pro M1 good for Graphic Design

If you have recently taken up a graphic designing course and want to use a MacBook, you’d be looking at tonnes of options. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be more confused as to which could help you in your endeavors. Therefore, Therefore, I have listed a few arguments about why the MacBook Pro M1 is good for graphic design.

Firstly, you’ll need to select a display size. The MacBook Pro M1 comes in only a 13-inch size, so if you were eyeing the 16-inch variant, you’d have to stick with Intel, which is also a great option. The second point of discussion is the storage option. The M1 variant is topped up to 512GB, while Intel can be configured up to 2TB. Of course, external drives are a thing now, but you are better off with the Intel variant. You are better off with the Intel variant if you don’t want to lug around such devices.

If performance is the only thing that matters to you, then the M1 Macs are an amazing option. They are much faster than the Intel processors. An M1 MacBook Air knocked the 16 inch MacBook Pro out of the park with its geekbench score, proved from various websites.

Speaking more on the performance, M1 is equipped with 8-cores CPUs. You’ll notice that other MacBooks offer four, eight, or ten cores. The MacBook Pro maxes out at 28-cores. Six or more cores are sufficient for designers so that the M1 MacBook will be excellent.

When it comes to RAM, it’s a tricky situation for M1 MacBooks. You cannot upgrade RAM on the Apple silicon chipset as it is integrated into it. Even though this feels more restrictive and classic Apple, there are benefits as the CPU, GPU, and memory are on the same chip. This means that there’s performance improvement, and the transmission of data is swift. In simpler words, an M1 MacBook with 8GB will give you better performance than an Intel-based MacBook with 8GB RAM.

The only downside of MacBook Pro M1 is that they support only one additional display, whereas the Intel MacBooks support two additional displays. So, if you work on more than one additional display, you might want to finalize an Intel MacBook.


Is the new M1 chip good for graphic design?

Yes, the M1 chip-based MacBook Pro 13-inch is an outstanding choice for designers, video editors, or content creators as a whole,

Are Macs better for graphic design?

Yes, Macs are excellent for content creation. Although the competition is quite stiff now, you can opt for a Mac if you’ve used one before.

Is the MacBook Pro M1 2020 worth buying?

Yes, the MacBook Pro M1 2020 is worth every penny. However, keep in mind that it’s still expensive as compared to its competition. However, if you have some cash to burn, its performance won’t disappoint you.

Why do professionals use Macs?

Professionals don’t have to deal with spam, viruses, crashes, defrags, reboots, upgrades, etc., when it comes to macOS. Windows is a great platform, but the aforementioned issues make it an easy pass. Apple products are known for their smooth software and great hardware that lasts years.

Which MacBook is best for Photoshop?

MacBook Pro 16-inch (2019) is the best laptop to get your work on Adobe Photoshop. Even though the 16-inch model is not the latest in the tech world, it still has plenty of power to work on Photoshop.


You can consider the MacBook Pro M1, provided you calculate the risks. But, overall, the Apple silicon chipset is quite promising, and future generations will destroy Intel-based laptops. I know a few people who use the M1 MacBooks, and so far, the reviews are fabulous.

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