Is MacBook Pro M1 Good For Programming

M1 chip can easily handle programming tasks

Is MacBook Pro M1 Good For Programming

Coding isn’t a walk in the park. Learning it will unquestionably take time and loads of effort.

However, this is why a computer programming career is in demand, and those with the right characteristics and traits can make a great (and busy) career out of it.

If you’ve endured the learning phase of programming, you now need a fantastic laptop on which coding gets comfortable if you aim at it as an active career.

For programming, you’ll need a laptop that can handle your abrupt coding sessions, which should have a modern processor and enough RAM.

Not just coding, you should be able to use the laptop you buy for study, hobbies, and other work.

A laptop with a graphics card should be a top priority as you’ll be programming games testing them while you’re working on it.

Many are eyeing the MacBook Pro M1 for programming, and if you are unsure about that, scroll below to be decisive.

What to look for in a laptop for programming?

You can do programming on any capable device, but a basic laptop isn’t cut for it. I am not implying that you spend lakhs on laptops, but powerful specs come at a price.

To organize your code and test out the games you’re managing; you’ll need a laptop with a modern multi-core processor and plenty of RAM. With these two necessary components, you can easily compile code much more promptly.

Is MacBook Pro M1 Good For Programming

Firstly, look for a suitable screen size. Of course, the more, the merrier, which is true for programming or any creative work. A 15-inch display is ideal for any creative work.

So, the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro should be your secondary or tertiary option. Also, you’ll forgo portability. But if you don’t have any problem with a screen this size, then the M1 MacBook Pro’s display will suffice; you can connect one external monitor to have more workflow.

A minimum of 8GB RAM will get your job done, but you should consider a 16GB or 32GB option if your life depends on your machine.

Fortunately, the M1 MacBook Pro can be configured up to 16GB RAM. When it comes to processors, a minimum of i5 is imperative.

Apple’s M1 chipset is way beyond the Intel i5, so you needn’t worry. Graphics is a key component. If you plan to develop a game in Unity or Unreal Engine, a graphics card is a must.

The operating system is crucial as well. Buy into a system that you know or are extremely comfortable with.

If you have been using Windows all your life, then suddenly making the shift to macOS will be an abrupt move attached with a heavy learning curve.

Lastly, look into portability. If you work on the go, pick a robust machine packed with powerful internals and good battery life.

Is MacBook Pro M1 good for Programming?

The MacBook Air M1 (2020) is a much-needed refresh for the Mac lineup. The numerous great updates make it one of the best laptops for programming.

In addition, the 13-inch MacBook equipped with an Apple-made M1 chip is extra powerful than the Intel-based MacBooks. So, spoiler alert, this laptop is no slouch when it comes to programming; you can instantly compile code.

Apple’s own M1 chip knocks Intel out of the park, which allows it to run apps with efficiency. So if you are worried about running your programming tools, it will do so without any issues.

In addition, its Touch Bar located on the top of the keyboard gives you quick access to shortcuts and tools, which can increase your productivity and workflow.

As for the keyboard, it is comfortable and reliable, as compared to its predecessors. Moreover, users and critics alike praise the M1 MacBook Pro’s battery life, letting you work all day with some battery life till it completely dies.

The 8‑Core CPU and 8‑Core GPU with 512GB storage and 16GB RAM variant weigh only 1.4 kgs (3.0 pounds), which makes it one of the best portable laptops in the world.

If money is an issue, the M1 MacBook Air is the same price as the Intel model, which means you are getting a remarkable increase in battery life and performance without splurging extra money!


Is the M1 MacBook Pro good for programming?

Yes, M1 MacBook Pro will come off with flying colours when in terms of programming. It works butter-smooth on RAM-heavy apps.

Can you code on Mac M1?

It is possible to code on the Mac M1. Users can use VS Code without emulation with Rosetta. It’ll give longer battery life and unparalleled performance.

Is the M1 8GB RAM enough for programming?

Yes, 8GB RAM is completely sufficient for Chrome, VSCode, node since M1 Macs are more memory efficient than Intel Macs.

How long does the M1 MacBook last?

The M1 MacBook lasts over 11 hours on a single charge, making it one of the best travel companions and programming.

Is M1 good for Python?

Absolutely! Python is roughly 3x quicker when run natively on a new M1 chip. So try to run Python natively as this reduces the runtime by 43 seconds.


In a nutshell, the MacBook Pro M1 is good for programming. It is performance-packed, and its endurance will awe every programmer out there. But, not just programming, you can use it for editing 4K videos, Photoshop, and the like.

However, the 13-inch model is a limitation as programming needs more screen real estate. Add to it another restriction of connecting only one additional monitor.

So, if you need more out of your machine, the 16 inch Intel MacBook is your best bet.

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